Thursday, February 10, 2011

Assassinate your Thursday: 10 February 2011

So we've split up practice the last two weeks in a bit of experimention. Not like your sister with this:
But experimentation in the sense of seeing how many types of game practice we can forcibly stuff into the asshole of a week. Much like your sister and the item shown in the picture above. You see? We do have a lot in common.
Thursday is AC:B day. We're better at this game than we are at Halo but we play both. You following me? Good. Now pay attention and keep up, won't you? In this game it's all about the quality, not the quantity, obviously we fought a team of 3 and rolled them a bit even though they had almost the same amount of kills. Ryan got more points than Dillon this game which is weird because he was trying to poison shit the whole time and failed miserably but that didn't stop him. Nothing can stop ol' Ryan. He's like the the glue. We are like the shoe box. Together we form a diaroma. Of awesome. In the elementary school class of badassery.
Check out the super sweet blurry action cam shot! We lost this one, in fact I did terrible. Why did we lose? We were running around like idiots and not working together. You can pull positive on defence if you work together in this game and beat the shit out of your pursuers but it's hard to do if one guys running on top of bookshelves, another is masturbating furiously in a cart of cherry leaves, the third guy is on Twitter, and the fourth bloke is getting stabbed repeatedly in the neck.

Round 3. AC:B doesn't have a ranking season like Halo so we basically play until we had our fil. Ryan was pretty pissed at himself at this point but we still won.

I got booted from the fourth round so you'll have to trust me when I say we won. In substitute here is a meme. Can you answer the question? Even if you think you can you're only lieing to yourself. Asshole.

Not much to complain about here, could work a bit more on team cohesion but over all we do pretty good.

This was our most quality round in my eyes. We dicked around a bit but in the end gave the other team a damn good thrashing. Final thoughts: Aside from communication and a bit of a spotty warm up we're a pretty good team and I know once we get to tourney's we won't have to worry about AC:B. And so I leave you with this link to NOOOOOOOO!!! The Super Cut. Enjoy.

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