Friday, September 14, 2012

Comic (barely): Why Slenderman Is So Angry

Over the weekend (before last), my dear Auverin and I (mostly Auverin) excreted this from our brain glands while screwing around with my tablet and the wondrous MS Paint.

This impressive image can tell many things obviously, but let me break it down: Slenderman is angry because he is being raped by a Teletubby. The pasta-colored mess at his feet is the agateway to Hell from which he spawned. The ghost wanted a hug but Slendy is a troll and stabbed him with a knife and impaled his innards on the tree. The Sun has no idea what is going on. And there are clouds.

The End.

*Editor's Note: There are also barbs on the Teletubby's dick.