Sunday, May 6, 2012

Fat Guy Thought: Gaming

Fat Guy's think a little differently from skinny people and here's Darris with the proof

The video game. A creation produced initially in the late 1960's that is still evolving to this day. Growing more and more popular, the number of gamers in the world is the highest it has ever been. Fat people and gaming is a relationship made in heaven. The convenience of entertainment with the mental processes of problem solving and interactivity, the video game is slowly talking the place of TV alongside the internet. Not everyone who plays video games is necessarily fat and not all fat people play video games, but the two groups fit together like a hand in a Power-Glove.

Tone it down, Grandpa.

With the recent uprising in popularity gaming has faced an image problem. With the eye turned ever closer to the gaming public, the industry decided to shift it's attention slightly away from the regular gamers and focus more on the light or casual gamer. While there has been exercise and activity type games before, now the market was flooded with them. With Nintendo's Wii system, a new generation of "get up and play" game's were released. Following trend Microsoft and Sony released movement based peripherals. The fat gamer had no choice but to stand back and watch the coming wave of mediocrity.

But we are fat. If fat people have learned anything, it's adaptability to any situation that doesn't require us not eating what we want. Give a fat gamer a Zelda game with motion controls? He shall adapt to play it on a couch with the lightest, yet direct, movements. Give a fat gamer a Kinect? He shall master the voice-controls so that now he will not even waste energy moving his thumbs. Want a fat gamer to play a dancing game with you? Oh, he'll do it. He will play the crap out of that dancing game, but don't expect him to do more than three song's in a row.


We are the fat gamers. We are the miracle workers.

You wish you were this awesome.