Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Courage and Honor: A Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine Review

BLOOD EVERYWHERE! The game looks very well, the textures are well done in terms of base and details, such as distress or blood. They aren't the best in the world, but definitely on the "Gears of War" level. The blood sometimes looks more like splattered jam and some bits of the environment need some work but you are normally moving to fast to see this. One bit that disappointed me is that there are only four execution animations for each melee weapon, and each strong enemy (Daemon, Nob) only has one execution per weapon (The Chaos Marine has two).

HOLY SHIT, I'M A MARINE IN SPACE! The gameplay is what really sells this. It seamlessly goes from a hack'n'slash to a shooter, depending on your play style. It is very anti-cover, with the mantra, "YOU ARE A SPACE MARINE. MAN UP AND TAKE IT." The melee combat is extraordinarily well done. One minute, I'll find myself rushing headfirst into a mob of Orks, shouldering three out of the way before flailing my chainsword about and stomping, sending greenskins flying whilst blood is filling the air. The next minute, I have a thunder hammer and a jump pack, rocketing down from thirty feet, landing in the center of a horde of renegades, flinging the back and crushing those underfoot before smashing faces in. Along with your standard attacks are stuns and executions. Each weapon has its own unique stuns and executions, and some enemies do as well. There are four stuns per weapon (Backhand/Smack with weapon, Kick, Shoulder Charge, and AoE Stomp/Smash) and four executions that all blend well into the game. Each weapon has its own attacks and style.

EVERYONE IS BRITISH! Seriously, the Guardmen are all general Brits, Orks are Cockney, Inquisition is Posh, Space Marines are a mixed bag of British, and Chaos are soft British. I enjoy it though, and damn do Orks scream a lot when hacked in two with an axe. As for weapon sounds, yep, that's what I'd expect them to sound like. The game has its own general epic soundtrack that is normally drowned out by chainsaws and death cries.

At the time of this review, I did not get to play multiplayer because the servers were fucked. I have no say on this.

The game was incredibly fun to play through and I would love to see more. Next time, I just hope it will star a Chapter with character, unlike the Ultramarines. They are rather boring. (WOO! DARK ANGELS!). Until next time folks. See you on the battlefield.

Tune in next time for my enlightening review of DARK SOULS!
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