Saturday, October 8, 2011

Fat Guy Thought: Twizzlers

Fat Guy's think a little differently than thin people, and here is Darris with the proof.

Darris - Fat Guy

Don't be discouraged by the previous Fat Guy post, Fat Guy's love candy.

Since we sample all types of treats in our lifetime, we gain some serious opinions on different kinds of candy, and their sub-groups. Some people, even the fat ones, don't like Twizzlers, but I sure as hell do. I think it's also a slight chemical attraction with Fat Guy's, because anything that tastes so good and yet says "low fat snack" on the package makes us think we are doing a good job.

Even though we could easily eat an entire packet as a mid-day snack. I'm talking the one pound bags, not those stupid 2.5 ounce bags. Waste of time.

Alright, lets take a moment to first talk about the Twizzlers I hate.

The original and worst flavor, liquorice.

Whoever invented this crap should be ashamed.

Chocolate Twizzlers... something about them just rub me the wrong way.

I mean, if you want chocolate, just get a chocolate bar, right? Right. Now, let's get onto the OK Twizzlers.

Not bad, a little waxy, but a good addition to the family.

The original, the classic. Quite nice, but can get a little boring after a while.

That's not a bad line-up of Twizzlers flavors. But...

Something is missing. Something amazing, something perfect. Could it be... the best Twizzlers flavor ever invented?

I'd say so. Sweet & Sour is amazing.

And that's what the Fat Guy says.

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