Saturday, May 7, 2011

Raptor Inc. at Kawaii Kon 2011

Okay, so I got a chance to go to Kawaii Kon 2011 (if I had known what kawaii meant at the time I would now have gone) and despite all the weirdos and spandex it was a pretty decent time. Lots of art work shops, acting lessons, interesting panels, a wide variety of vendors, free video gaming, tournaments, all kinds of cool crap to fill up your weekend and destroy your pride.

Anyway here are "Greatest Hits" of the pictures I took over the weekend. My one regret: I forgot my RINC shirt.

My bad ass button collection I got for my messenger bag.

Check out the fat fifth element chick!

I don't know what is....

The green guy is a creeper, you can see his head on the table. I first saw him coming down the escalator with a stare locked on to me as if he would explode. The Deadpool is just awful.

One of the contenders for the silent auction.

Ezio isn't very sneaky.

I'm in the  middle. I know these guys from my old submaarine. Doesn't everyone looks so happy?!

Favorite picture.

Me wrecking my wife's shit on SF2

This is my scribble for one of the art contests. They give you a scribble and then you're supposed to draw something using it.

Here's my drawing! I lost.

That pikachu probably got laid that day.

This is the line for Otaku speed dating. Note that they are all dudes.

This guy sat in the audience at the speed dating and exposed himself for the men causing a big distraction. Genious.

The dude who everyone is cheering on in the blue hoodie is wearing hot pants.

My wife with pedobear.

So much fucking awesome in this shot I just came.

My souvenier, my very own potted fire plant.

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