Friday, May 6, 2011

A Week of Practice! 03-06 May 2011

This is me at Cinco de Mayo!
On to practice!

Isn't this a shitty fucking picture? I think so. Oh well.

Fuck yeah, we won!

Another awful picture. You can't even see our scores.

We were 1 for 4 on Tuesday and that's just fucking gay, especially since we took some time out to legitimately practice on a couple maps. It has become apparent that our lack of teamwork and strategy is showing. We have decided that the only way to become better isn't necessarily on a personal skill level (although that would help) is to have unique and independent strategies that are specific to each map and each spawn.
We are awesome!

More awesome!

I can't believe AC:B is actually working!

4 for 4! We're generally pretty good at this game but I think we would benefit from increased teamwork, map strategies similar to Halo and better pairing and cohesion. The targeting system in this game blows.

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