Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Fat Guy Thought: Sleep

Fat Guy's think a little differently from skinny people and here's Darris with the proof.

Sleep is probably in the top ten of important thing;s in a persons life. It is a time for rest, reflection and reset. The average person gets about seven to eight hours of it a night, but for fat people sleep is a bit different. I'm not talking about, say, fitting on a bed, or trying to avoid rolling on to your pet while you sleep by the way. This is more to do with sleep patterns and the time we spend awake.

Me about 10 minutes from now.

Overweight people need sleep just like any other person, but fat people can go quite a long time without having to sleep. The constant extra reserves of energy sort of act like a slow burn then not only affect how long we can stay away but also how long we sleep for.

I could (and have) easily gone on 20 hour days with 4 hours of sleep with no backlash several times, and even in a row. It accumulates not only in the energy we have just from the fat we have stored, but also from the general lack of energy we burn during the day. This has more to do with the lack of exercise overweight people tend to get per day.

Lucky twat.

Sometimes I have no choice but to get only five hours of sleep without the use of sleeping medication, which can get annoying when I wake up for work four hours too early. I usually spend the extra time gaming (I'm replaying Resident Evil 4 at the moment). When it comes to sleep fat people can adapt various different styles to it without much heath issues. Well, besides the obvious one of being fat...

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