Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Way of Progress

my current setup
My focus right now (other than my day job and relationship issues) is to keep some momentum going in the old creativity department and pump out some new projects while I'm waiting for the movie to sit and mellow out in my head.

The first project was some music composition, I made one song I may use in the movie and then called it quits so I can focus on piano lessons using my dandy new keyboard that already has a bad key (who needs D? pfft) and do a bit of writing of the prose variety.

I have in the works a short story that will hopefully get people interested in the movie and provide a bit of background into the mythos of the tale itself, all those spooky entities and stuff floating about needed a bit more flesh on their spectral bones, not unlike the companion books that came out with the Harry Potter series and the mini series of videos released before Alan Wake.

We may be completely lacking in fan base and production value but it doesn't mean we can't pretend to be pr0! So I'll keep you going as that progresses and hope to have something neat to show you guys soon (if you even exist).

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