Wednesday, December 1, 2010

News - More 'Darris' Columns Ahead!

Ok, here's the deal. I am planning 2 new segments in addition to my 'Darris Talks About Games' smash-hit.

These will be:

"Darris Reviews..." - In which I, Darris, review said item. Could be a videogame, could be a movie, could be a new flavor of gum. Whatever I give the product in my review will be law. So, if I say to burn it to the ground, I expect everyone to go grab their lighters.

"Darris Talks About Anime" - Could also replace 'Anime' with 'Manga' when if feeling a bit cheeky. In this segment I will discuss anime, manga, and everything to to with them. This could mean a new series coming out, a collection I recommend, or the artstyle of certain artists. It could literally cover any topic to do with the medium of anime or manga.

So, I'll be working feverishly on making these projects a reality, and expect another 'D-TAP' sometime this week.


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