Monday, November 29, 2010

News - Future Project Announced

Our next big venture you ask?! Well the vote was cast and the tally's are in so here is what we have: we're making a video game. Now before you start thinking of "Bob and Jim's Awesome FPS RPG Rascist Comedy Def Jam Cutting Edge Graphics BONANZA!" lemme just dispel all assumptions at first bat.

We're making a game, nothing special just something that works to see if we can do it. It'll be a shooter but not like Call of Duty I'm talking Galaga or 1942, ya dig? A whole bunch of enemies and your main guy just mowing 'em down. We'll all be taking part in this with music, level design, enemy design, programming, the works and it's gonna be time consuming and hard but totally awesome in the long run to have something tangible that we can show off.

Also, don't expect anything ground breaking as far as a story goes. It looks like it's gonna be Shoe Dude off to shoot up random jerk faces. Also a character called JumpRocket. It's a jet that has legs and can jump. Get it? Not quite as awesome as a gun that shoots other guns that shoot explosions but... That's actually a good idea. I'm saving that one. We'll keep you posted as development progresses. Also, seeking out a good company that can make the shirts, not so easy and does good work, they're just a tad expensive for what we want. That is all.

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