Saturday, November 6, 2010

Steam - Raptor Inc. on Steam

Raptor Inc. has a presence in a lot of things, we're eclectic in every sense of the word. In fact I'm pretty sure it should be changed to raptlectic. Anyway, all of out gamer members and followers can be found on the Valve operated gaming service known as Steam (
Just go to the site in the top left corner you can see where you can download Steam and get it on all the granduer of it. It is free but in order to access vertain features you may have to buy a game on it. This isn't such a bad deal because all of their games are awesome, you can usually find a pretty sweet bargain since they have sales every week (huge ones around Christmas time i.e. Mass Effect was like $5), and it can manage any other games you may previously own.
We use Steam to conduct all of our meetings and it offers chat rooms and voice chat meetings which help out a lot. Our group name on there is Raptor Inc (abbreviated as RINC) and you can find me (DraconisTheory), Ogachi, Fat4all, Shadonickles, Gleamian, and Nerrage if you need anything. Word.

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