Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Gaming - Game Classes

Here at Raptor Inc. we believe in classing up our games so we have an idea of what to do with them because it's not always about the gaming. Sometimes it's about kicking someone's ass. Class 1 games are competition games. Class 2 games have the potential to become Class 1. Class 3 games are no good for competition but good for playing to relax or just have fun. Class 4 games suck.

Right now our main Class 1 is Halo: Reach, we're building our 4v4 team up to take on MLG next year. It's gonna be brutal but it's what we're good at.

Other Class 2 Games:
Read Dead Revolver
Rock Band 3
Starcraft 2
Marvel Vs Capcom 3

Class 3 Games:
Marvel Vs Capcom 2
Worms 2
CS 1.6

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