Saturday, November 6, 2010

Art - Raptor Ink Commisioned Art

We are pleased to announce to birth of our first business oriented sub-division: Raptor Ink!

Raptor Ink is our commisioned art firm, if you need a conceptual piece, logo, tattoo design, or anything else 2d and drawable we can provide! Prices are by the hour of work, $18 an hour with 10% discount for military and 5% discount for students and seniors. Oh yeah, I went there. Most jobs take 2-3 hours for the initial penciling depending on the complexity of the request. Payment will be dealt with through mail order as we have no means of dealing with money online at this time. I won't go into a lot of description here since it's pretty self explanatory, instead I'll let the art speak for itself.

Go to this page to see some examples of the work I've done for commision. I have a lot of experience in tattoo design having done so for several years. I can draw anything, literally, with enough time and patience and I will work with you personally to achieve the look that you want. After the initial pencil phase is complete you can opt to have your piece transfered to one of our digital artists to finalize the product.

If you're interested email us at Thank you for your consideration and we look forward to helping you create some sweet art!

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