Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Comic - Raptor Inc. : Rocket Race by Frankie Sanabria 007

So this is of course a true story as all the Raptor Inc. comics are. This particular one being with myself and... well you can just put any other person from Raptor Inc. into there and you'd be accurate. Rocket Race is one of my favorite game types, once Shadonickles introduced me to the concept of "boosting" by shooting a rocket behind your mongoose to create an explosion that sends you flying across the map I became a changed man. Nothing got done from that point on. It was and still is amazing. For those of you who discredit Halo for whatever reason, there's no better way to have some physics related fun and cause some massive explosions than with a good ol' round of Rocket Race and I highly recommend giving a "boost" a try.

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