Monday, November 8, 2010

Projects - Possible Future Ventures

Hooray! The T-shirts are almost complete, by gum and we can consider taking on another project. This is exciting because it was only 5 weeks ago we were on a dead end road and now we're on track to really come together and do something awesome as a group and maybe change the direction of our lives in the process. Coming together and actually getting stuff done doesn't hurt, ya know? Unless it's murder.

Anyway at the last meeting we brought a few things to the table, things that were discussed were the finalization of the shirts, the upcoming Reach tournament we will be participating in, recruitment possibilities, soft sensual kissing, and the choosing of the next project after the shirts are done. I will now list said pruposed adventures so all my look and see and vote and decide and then seriously vote and move on. I'm not putting this as a poll because I want each vote to be a comment on this post so I can actually make sure no one is spamming the poll.

So without further ado, here's the list:
Video game
Board game
Cook book
Graphic novel

Keep in mind this has to be fun but at the same time something we can potentially make some cash off of so we can fund future projects and work on improving our situation.

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