Monday, November 8, 2010

Video - New Video Projects For December

In case you didn't know it the whole crew is getting together in December between the 27th and the 15th for a New Years bash and also to create some cool new stuff. Among these ventures are new videos for the Raptor Inc. YouTube channel (which you can see random clips from among the other videos playing on this blog).

In order to prepare for production we will need skit and script suggestions at least if we can't come up with some actual material to go on, if we have time we can even even storyboard them and grab some props before we have to do a mad dash into Wal Mart as usual for everything we could possibly need. Last time we got off with a giant paper bag of ketchup packets and a german shepherd. Don't worry about that if you don't understand it. Anyway, email your suggestions or post them as comments on this article and let's get ready for hilarity.

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