Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Darris' Movie/Story Ideas

Here is a short list of some of my story idea's. Note, a few of these were intended to be short stories, but I like them nonetheless.

Redemption- America's best assassin takes out the son of a corrupt politician. The politician, after finding out about the assassin, has the assassin's daughter kidnapped. This leads the assassin on a long and brutal journey to get her back. (For this idea, I have a lot of great ideas for set-pieces and scenes, such as an interesting ending to a vehicle chase.)

Murder on an Empty Stomach- This story involves an overweight rookie detective with a great talent for solving crimes, but with a very weak stomach for blood and gore. With a murder happening in the safe of the local banks vault, and with no solid evidence, the detective uses the power of reasoning and wits to locate the murderer.

Creation- Two kids go to play in the local park, and discover a doorway to another land. In this land, anything they think can become a reality, and they slowly create their own perfect world. While they create, a dark shadow watches from the shadow of the doorway home.

Second Chance- A man returns home from work, only to discover someone in his home, wanting him dead. After a short struggle, the man is murdered. His world turns dark, and starts to drift away, but then he wakes up in bed, discovering that he is now three days in the past. Using what he know happens in his life during those three days, he attempts to prevent his own murder from occurring.

Empty World- A woman wakes up to find everyone gone. Every person, animal, and creature. As she wanders around town, she tries to piece together where everything went. While she travels, she notices two things; the moon is staying perfectly still in the sky while the moon still moves, and that a extremely tall tower far off in the distance that was not there before could be her only answer.

Mein Heir- A hansome and talented actor secretly discoveres he is related to Hitler. While trying to keep this away from the public, he slowly starts looking more and more like the dictator. He covers for this by writing and directing a comedy about Hitler. But while filming, he realizes that he is no longer acting, and wonders what to do with himself.

Agent Dustbin- A young boy, while playing a video game, falls backwards out of his window, and down into a dumpster. Instead of landing inside, he falls through the bottom, and discovers a secret underground world, where theives and agents pose as the homeless in order to get information, and go unnoticed while above ground. Instead of killing the boy, the group decide to train him to be the best homeless assassin know to man.

Ok, thats enough for now.

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