Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Future Projects : Movie Script

At the last meeting we discussed writing a movie script to film at the end of next year after we have finished making the Shoe Dude game. I asked everyone to write a synopsis of their ideas so we can at least have a foundation for what kind of story we are trying to tell in our movie.

Now I know everyone loves MoO0OoN but there comes a time when we have to look beyond that and make something that actually makes fucking sense. Thus the writing team from Raptor Inc. is on the case!

Here are my ideas:

Everyone's Seen A Ghost
A young boy enters the woods to go fishing at a creek. He encounters the devil looking to harvest a soul, and willing to make a deal.

Four witless lads get lost in the forest after a night of rampant booze and Pokemonand become lost on their way home. Now the four must try to pull together and form some sort of intelligence to find their way out and survive the forest and all of it's inhabitants.

I Got This
A boy who recently moves into town uncovers the dark and seedy history behind his new home.

Awkward Date
The most awkward date ever.

I Guess We Could Make A Movie
A group of friends attempt to create a film, hiring actors and hunting for props and finding a story in the most unlikely of places. Tey sit down to watch the film at the end which repeats itself into the beggining of the movie.

That's what I got and I could elaborate further on all of these ideas but I'm interested in seeing what the rest of the team comes up with. Later, gents.

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