Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Reach for the Tuesday: 01 March 2011

Ah yes you may be wondering where last weeks performance reviews went. They went here:
We had this thing going where we didn't work together at all and yelled at each other a bunch. Now this strategy may seem sound but in all reality it wasn't. Near the end we began to stick together and work as a team a bit more but by then it was too late and we lost. 0-1
Here we are back on Anchorage, the same as the first map of the day except this time we pulled together and kicked some arse. Now look at Ogachy's score, you'll notice he has a bunch of kills but was responsible for more than half of the enemy team's points. This is because he was desperately trying to be a one man wolf pack and fucking FAILED. It should be noted there has been a lot of changes to ranked Arena matches to include more armor abilities, assault rifles, changes to maps and so on but we did a fairly good job regardless until... 1-1
Not this one. This one we did okay. It was on Asylum, we held down our fort pretty well while the Reds tried to engage an assault we fended off multiple times, they had one guy as bait while a sniper attacked from afar which seemed to be decent enough but ultimately ineffective. Kudos for Ogachy and his turret and Fat4all with his sniper rifle. Shadonickles did a good bit with his sword and I held on to the shotgun. We did good overall but could have worked a bit more on positioning, we were pretty scattered. Oh, and... 2-1

This was the match I was getting at earlier. We were rolled. The changed up Cage map had us off with new routes and weapon placement, the Blue sniper as you can see got 22 kills, they were spread out but in such a way that they could cover each other's backs and ultimately kill us dead. Like really dead. I got 3 fucking kills. 2-2

Overall it was a good practice, nothing gained or lost and we're a match closer to being ranked but we could have done better. Teamwork. Maybe we should set aside a bit more practice time before we should go into ranked?

Side Note: Comedy

Darris and I had an argument yesterday. Now this should not come as a shock as we tend to do this often because one of us goes on a troll spree. Our arguments are the classic paradox, an unmovable object meets an unstoppable force. This isn't because one of us is right or wrong it is just that no one likes to quit and even if irrefutable evidence is shown in the matter it is still a matter of opinion and no one wins. These debates can be fun until it gets stupid. It gets stupid when one side says "I don't want to have this conversation anymore." That's the hint that we should change subjects. When the other person does not take this hint and presses on like Phoenix fucking Wright well grudges and bullshit happen.

Point in case, yesterday we argued about comedy. Dillon and I were quoting a Scottish stand up comic named Danny Bhoy who was making fun Irish accents and French people and other European countries and it was all in good fun. Darris chuckled at our quotations and I asked him if he had watched the link I posted ( ). He said no. I asked him why. The conversation degraded into me trying to explain why Danny Bhoy was funny, Darris wanted to know what was funny about him, I told him, Darris made light of it all saying he was just a gimmick comic and there was nothing special about him. I said there's nothing truly special about any comic, originality is dead but that doesn't stop him from being funny. Darris brought up Lewis C.K. and how he said he would fuck a dead kid if he wasn't wet. I told him that offensive humor isn't original.

This went on until I got mad and we stopped talking for the rest of the night more or less. Now I'm sure everyone has had these kind of arguments but the question is still up there. The REAL question. Are gimmick comics worth the time of the viewer? Is it fair to discredit a comedian having never heard or seen him/her perform? My outlook on it is this; if I went through the trouble of recording an act or a song or created a work of art I would want people to at least look at it and give me a shot, even if they thought I was fucking retarded they at least gave me the time of day to judge for themselves.

Comedy, like all art is relative to the person perceiving it. I may think something is funny like a kitten being put in a Lego airplane and thrown off a cliff. Not all people think this is funny. But don't discredit the hilarity of a dead kitten until you've given it a shot. That's all I ask.

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