Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dillon's SAW #2: What Lurks in the Dark

Many fear being in or around the dark alone. A few see it as something that changes the nature of objects and people, no longer being helpful, passive, or friendly, but aggressive, hateful creatures bent on harming them in some way. Some see it as more, something palpable, tangible, as if it could creep up on them and consume them whole. Some fear having one of their senses become useless, having to rely on the others of self preservation. Those who don't fear it see it as just that, dark. A space where light does not enter. Nothing changes there, it is just the same as when light is gracing it. Some people describe this fear as not a fear of the dark itself, but what may hide in it.

Right now, someone is looking down a hallway. It is nighttime, the bulbs in the ceiling light have burnt out and the entire area is occluded by darkness. They have to go through this hallway. Once they've mustered up the courage, they start to move, but then a sharp rattling sound echoes down the way. What goes through their mind? That it is just their house and it is just darkness, a can probably fell, or the cat ran through, nothing has changed, that the rational mind assures it? Perhaps it is the darkness attempting to lure them deeper in, so they may not escape. But what if it is something of unimaginable evil, lurking in the blind spot ahead, lying in wait for them?

They have to get through. They once more gather their strength and start walking, quickly, but not in a panic. Steps sound behind them. They walking turns into a more hurried jog. Is it just an echo, or is something behind them? Halfway down, the jog turns into a sprint out of fear, moving a fast as possible and slamming into the door at the end of the hall. Opening it and taking shelter inside, slamming it behind them. The room is dark as well. The lightswitch is beside them. To the rational, it will illuminate, to those afraid of the dark itself, it will destroy it. But what of those afraid of what's in the dark? Will the light make the evil go away? Or will it just make it easier for it to see them? They hit the switch, only one way to find out.


I like this story more than the last, but it is not perfect in anyway. Well, part 2 of my 3 part experiment is done. One left, I already have an idea for it and am working it out in my head. Maybe it wasn't Jet-pilot-tyrannosaur-bombing-triceratops-awesome but close enough. Anyway, part 3 ahead. On the way!

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