Thursday, March 3, 2011

Side Note: Providence School Cuts

Everyone knows that the US isn't doing so hot in education, poor test schools, childhood obesity, the works. I won't say this is the kids fault as much as shitty teaching and shitty parenting but when Providence sends out pink slips to ALL of it's public school teachers which is nearly 2,000 people some shit has hit the fan.

From the film "Waiting For Superman"
Why did Providence decide that cutting all of their teachers is a good idea? Money. Rhode Island is facing a big budget deficit so what's the best way to save some cash? Why, ruin the children's education of course!Now not all of the teachers will lose their jobs but we're looking at class sizes of up to 60 kids per classroom. This means hardly any individual attention for students and a terrible learning environment where discipline and teaching is meaningless.
The future

How do you fix a problem by making it worse? If you took cable TV out of prisons, subsidies for migrant workers, state environmental incentives, Hell, any of the stupid things the government spends money on you would have plenty of funding for schools, plenty of money to make a difference in the lives of our young people but instead you fire all the fucking teachers. Go fuck yourself Rhode Island.

Even animals hate you.
The sad part about this is that it isn't just the tiniest state in the States that's doing this crap, it's happening all over the country. The children of today become the America of tomorrow, to ensure the survival and prosperity of this country we should be focusing as much attention as we can on making sure we are filling the halls of congress with the smartest this country has to offer and not just our government but hospitals, laboratories, and businesses as well. I find it astonishing how some people just can't sit down actually fire off a couple of neurons towards an image of a future in which America isn't the largest failing superpower in the world.

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