Monday, June 13, 2011

I Got This IMDB Page

I Got This (2011)
Comedy | Mystery | Horror | Action
Not yet released

Leo MacReady moves to a small southern town to live with his estranged mother and egocentric older brother. After Leo and his imaginary friend witness an act of extreme violence, the two begin to pose as high school reporters to investigate the mysterious history of the town.
As they dig deeper into the town's story however, the dark presence that hangs over it begins to take notice and fight back. As it becomes apparent Leo's life is in danger, a strange local girl named Tabitha seems to be his only hope at solving the mystery and finding the source of dark plague that is infesting the town and its people.
Will Leo and Hobbes be able to solve the town's secrets or has he unwittingly been placed in a game he is doomed to lose?

Director: Frankie Sanabria II
Writer: Frankie Sanabria II
Status: Pre-production
Comments: Script finalization
Updated: 13 June 2011

Credited cast:
  Dillon Streuber  ...  Leo MacReady
  Darris Pratt  ...  Hobbes
  Frankie Sanabria II  ...  Wade MacReady
  Karla Morris  ...  Gwen MacReady
  Jessica "Jaz" Sanabria  ...  Tabitha
  Ian Short  ...  Dalton Summers
  Alecia Short  ...  Jenny
  Frankie Sanabria  ...  Damion
  Ryan Phelps  ... Rooster Wrathchild
  Dean Alexander  ...  Jason Melrose
  (in order of appearance)Ryan Phelps, uncast, Jessica "Jaz" Sanabria, Karla Morris, Frankie Sanabria II  ...  Smilin' Jack
  uncast  ...  Librarian
  uncast  ...  Angry Driver
  uncast  ...  Thug 1
  uncast  ...  Thug 2
  uncast  ...  Thug 3
  uncast  ...  Evil Townsperson 1
  uncast  ...  Evil Townsperson 2
  uncast  ...  Evil Townsperson 3
  uncast  ...  Evil Townsperson 4
  uncast  ...  Evil Townsperson 5

Language:English | Spanish
Filming Location: Jesup, Georgia; Jacksonville, FL
Company Credits
Production Co: Raptor Inc. Productions
Technical Specs
Aspect Ratio:2.35 : 1

Smilin' Jack is based on old southern folk tales concerning Satan.
Most of the cast consists of friends and family of the production team.
Some of the dialogue between Leo and Hobbes is based on actual arguments between Dillon Streuber and Darris Pratt.
The film was inspired by the philosophy of Robert Rodriguez and James Cameron.
Rooster's line, "what am I paying you for?," is a reference to MoO0OoN 3, one of Raptor Inc.'s earlier short films.
Composition books are major plot device in the film.

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