Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Reach for the Tuesday 07 June 2011

Let's take some time out from our busy E3 coverage to discuss some HALO PRACTICE!
They're excited!
In our first bout we did good and this is because we were up against controller-in-mouth retarded people.
We are the best, ever.
 On our second match, once again lone gunning the whole thing and throwing caution to the win we come out victorious.


Now behold the turning point, my friends. We were on a new map called Kingdom (new for us anyway) and we got tore up. One of our opponents had a diamond rating, this means he was a Halo BAMF and we got rolled. It was just an unfamiliar map though, right? Can't be a bad sign!

Until this. Yeah. We lost again. We put up a good fight in the beggining but our heart wasn't in the fight and we scattered about, lost coordination and got destroyed. No fun, my friends.

In short the problems are the same as before. Lack of map control and communication.

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