Saturday, June 25, 2011

Weekend Post: Manga and F3AR...

While Frankie gets wrapped up in his own little League of Legends, I though I might as well do a bit of a weekend update.

My week was mostly prioritized by the game Infamous 2, but now that I beat that, I was thinking about what to do with my time. Usually its one of three things; 1. Sleep 2. Eat 3. Masturbation.

I soon got board of those, and decided to spend a bit of a evening out. How does Darris spend a evening out, you say to your computer monitor, hoping for a response? VIDEO GAMES AND BOOKS, SILLY!

So, with a bit o' coin in my pocket, I went out to my local GameStop and Books-A-Million.

I had 'F.3.A.R' and 'Shadow of the Damned' pre-ordered, but I had yet to pick them up, so I did so.

When I got to Books-A-Million, I went to my favorite sections in the store: New Releases, Mystery, and Manga. I found everything I was looking for in quite a short amount of time, I'd say about 10 min. Usually I spend a good hour deciding on what to get.

In the manga department, I picked up Higurashi: Eye Opening Arc #1 & 2 (The first books in the 'Answers' series), Lucky Star #7 (I love keeping a series going, and Lucky Star is quite amusing), and 7 Billion Needles #2 (A sort of science-fiction/horror manga that I've taken quite a liking to).

Just as I thought that would be enough, I decided to look around a bit more, just to see if anything else caught my eye. That's when I saw 'An Idiot Abroad: The Travel Diaries of Karl Pilkington'. Being a huge fan of the Ricky Gervais radio show and podcast, I decided to pick this up as well. After all, Karl Pilkington does has a head like a f'n orange...

Feeling accomplished for the evening, I got a latte at Joe Muggs and went home. Quite a nice time, in my book.

Coming up this week, expect a review for Infamous 2, as well as a bit o' comic goodness!

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