Saturday, February 19, 2011

Assassinate your Thursday: 17 February 2011

Ahoy, those who would ask how the practice on Thursday went; here is a literary masterpiece brought to you by me explaining all there is to explain about our hardcore adventure into assasin land, just like Chris Farley in Beverly Hills Ninja!
Oh, how I miss you Chris Farley.

Look at how great we are? We did good off the bat, we had a good warm up and Ryan did awful.
Look at those points! Seriously, we're like the greatest team since the 1980 US Olympic Hockey Team! Look it up.

Ryan got kicked, and then we rolled. The two other guys on the opposing team left before we rip their eyes from their heads! Yay! Yeah! LEET! 1337!

And then this shit happened. We were beaten by a better team. Seriously, at the beggining we were rolling them left and right and they STILL maintained a positive lead on us, it was rediculous and we did a damn good job, I thought. The simple fact was they were just plain better, there were no tricks or travesties we simply need more practice and a rematch.
Last match image courtesy of Darris's cell phone. We won, of course.
Overall we had a good run but only practice and getting the rest of the level perks and abilities will give us the ability to properly formulate our strategy for tournaments.

Side Note: Let's imagine for a second that the human spirit is an incredibly complex and powerful thing that is not bound by laws of simple religion or philosphy. Let's imagine that the spirit defines the world around it, that the energy and flow of life and the abundance of it all are all connected within the weave of the universe. Let's pretend that a spirit defines it's own afterlife, shall we?
I'm bringing this up because I was thinking today about Christianity and insanity. If someone is insane and commits terrible acts, does that person go to Hell? The thing about being crazy is that you don't know that you're crazy, you're inflicted with an ailment and though you may do horrible things does this tie your soul to an eternity and Hell fire? What if your mind is so corrupted it actually bleeds it's poison into your spirit?
A child molester can not help his condition. He is attracted the object of his desires and he can not help it, thus the insanity. Yet, if a spirit was so corrupted and no fault or sin could be found within his own mind would he go to a Heaven filled with victims? What of the serial killer, the rapist, the conspirator, the glutton, the traitor, who hold no remorse for the way that they have lived? Just some food for thought. And to balance it all out:

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