Friday, February 11, 2011

The Psychology of Video Games

So I've been noticing lately how well we do in video games compared to how/who we play. There is always that study that shows red team is more likely to win over blue team due to the surprise and quick reaction to their color, usually drastic and inaccurate, thus causing the opponents to flail a bit and giving red an advantage over the calm colored blue team.


But lately I've been noticing in our Assassin's Creed practice rounds that we play best as the character we like best. If you look in the article below, you'll see that Frankie does best as the priest, his most used character, and finishes first. I have similar results in that when I played the doctor, my favorite character, and finished first. Darris, being varied, is hard to compare, but he used to play as the Hellequin a lot, and, as the score shows, he did much better playing as her. Ryan's score never rose above 4010, but we also did not play as one of his characters (the engineer I would say).

Doctor is Better

This applies in most video games, if you play a faction you don't like, or a game mode you hate, you tend to play worse, even if you think you are giving your all and are trying to play without apathy. Color has a role in Deathmatch mode as well. If you like green but hate purple, you will be better as green but worse as purple. Same with opponents, as well as yourself. If you like the green and are used to it, you may have a slower reaction to it, putting you at a disadvantage, but, if you see purple, you just may hate it so much you are better at killing it, but this may lead to the red team problem and you flail and miss frequently.

You Will Always Suck as Purple

In ways, it's just like real life. If you are working with someone you like, the job will get done with more quality, but with someone you don't, it will be rushed and poor. Fighting someone you hate can get you better results, if you take it smoothly. All in all, it's just like your elementary school teachers told you, if you like who/what you are, you'll like your results.

This Guy Knows It

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