Monday, February 14, 2011

For The Love Of It

How is it we love?
a common connection from one person to another?
perhaps its all just chemical
perhaps its all just mental
you've seen it all before
Very strange, love is
a feeling of drowning while lying in bed
love can bring amazing joy
even in the darkest of days
never the same for more than a moment
though, it can be measured
in how sick we feel while our love is away
now that we know it has gone
every time
so how does this feeling connect us all?
Dreams? secrets? hopes?
all of these things are connected
you just have to know its there

Valentine's Day is an interesting holiday we celebrate, is it not? It's basically just a day for stores to sell you more chocolate than usual, but it does have a deeper meaning than just commercial. It's literally a day we honor love. Love with someone we care about or treasure. Not the kind of love you give to just anyone, but to someone you share the moments of your life with. Its a time of reflection with all the people you love or care about, without having to shell out, like at Christmas. Valentine's Day is the one day love gets more appreciation than ever before.

And I love chocolate.

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