Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Reach for the Tuesday: 08 February 2011

First game of the day. We suck. No literally. From the get go our cohesion was shit, we had no direction and we spent more time arguing with each other than actually playing. Dillon was basically carrying the team which was inexcusible because it's fucking Dillon. I am pissed at this point.

Oh look we pulled it together to win a game! We are up against a shite team on Cage, we held down the castle center of the map and worked together to pull off a clean victory. Red took the lead about halfway through the match and I thought we were lost but good communication and the ability to poke an eye ball out of our assholes saved the day. Not to mention power weapons.

Rolled. That's the only word I can use to describe what happened to us. We're good, don't get me wrong but we're not COMPETION good. We're the kind of good that happens from playing video games all our lives and can twitch off some good shots, but when it comes to competitive play we're not all there. I believe this is because A. We don't get into the game. B. We argue with each other more than we talk strategy. C. We have no plan. These are issues to look over. The Blue knew where we were at all times, pinned us down at out spawns and made sure we could never regroup in time to fight them off. We would focus on one and then get pummeled from a different angle. The assist count says it all.

We could have one this one, we were up against 3 guys who only had the jump on us because they knew where the power weapons spawned. We were playing on a map we didn't know (Anchorage) because Ryan didn't have the map pack until tonight and we basically got out equipped. We were Native Americans fighting off the American Army. Didn't work. Don't you bring up Custer's last stand on me, that was a fluke. Fuck you. I hate you all. Thank the Gods Thursday is AC:B practice.

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  1. I like how this is set up, Frankie, very good format, and easy to understand. Also, AC:B practice will go much better I hope.