Friday, February 11, 2011

The Dragon's Cave

So, this idea came from a text I sent to Frankie, when he asked me to tell him a story.

"There once was a knight and, being a knight, went into a cave to fight a dragon. He met the dragon and, as it reared to breathe fire, he held his shield high. He was incinerated. The shield was wooden."

He said it should become a comic and thus this was born. I would release my mediocre version and he would redraw it into an epic version is the plan. Oddly enough, this is some of my best drawing in a while, especially the dragon view. I noticed the time and said, "Oh shit! I forgot to put in fire but don't have to time photoshop some or draw some!" and thus I cut some out and put it in. I am still deciding whether or not to color this, it's weird, though expect improvement.

Side note, I have an article coming up, on some of the psychology used in video games. Stay tuned!

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